We don’t play “leaky pipe” to go find a problem. We listen to you, and to your partners and customers, and try to determine the most important issues you are dealing with. Then, we’ll either propose to fix the problems, or we’ll tell you that we don’t think we’re able to do so, and we’ll suggest an alternative.

For two decades, we have provided our clients the best possible solutions to their most crucial business problems. Most become repeat clients, because they appreciate the results we deliver and the integrity of our approach:

  • Initially, we listen, assess and analyze their issues from a fresh and independent perspective. We can’t add any value by simply drinking the Kool Aid, and it’s not in our clients’ benefit for us to just agree that the naked Emperor’s clothes look nice.
  • Next, we ask, “Are you prepared to hear what we really think, even if it isn’t easy?” If the response is something besides an enthusiastic “Yes,” then we know that this situation isn’t for us and would be a waste of the client’s money.

We don’t want to replace your marketing staff, we want to help them become more effective. We don’t focus solely on your technology, we focus on the benefits that your products and services bring to your customers. We don’t rely only upon our clients’ view of the world, we ensure that the customers’ views are well known, understood and appreciated.

In essence, our goal is to make it easier for your sales organization to sell, and easier for your customers to buy.

“Bruce ensured that we addressed substantial issues that were effectively framed, and that the discussions were lively and productive. He also held all the participants accountable, and made sure the company executives heard what was really being said and not just what they wanted to hear.”

Mark Coopersmith
Former President of Strategy, Addis Group
Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business