Executive Leadership Solutions: Advisory Board Development and Board of Directors 

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In addition to assisting clients prepare for board meetings or create board presentation materials, we’ve also taken an active role as board participants. This includes Advisory Boards and elected Boards of Directors for corporations and non-profit organizations.

The scope of our involvement ranges from developing Advisory Boards, educating on board goals and charters, to sitting on boards, recruiting board members, managing quarterly board meetings and coaching CEOs on how to effectively manage their board.

Board involvement is among the most beneficial engagements we provide to our clients, and among the most satisfying to us. We’ve had the pleasure of hearing that a particular two hour Advisory Board discussion that we led was more helpful than the combination of Board of Directors meetings this specific client had ever sat through.

While some board development work is focused solely on shorter-term tactics, the typical role we play is over an 18-24 month period. Board clients include:

  • AristaSoft
  • Media Publisher
  • Project Arena
  • Website Pros

“As a member of our board of directors, Bruce was very helpful during a time when charting a clear course was far from obvious. He challenged us to understand our customer’s perspective, he helped us focus, and he showed us the strategic implications of different choices and options. The insights he brought during the three years he served on our board were a huge value to the company, and to me as the CEO.”

Demian Entrekin
CTO, Bluescape
Former CEO, Project Arena