Executive Leadership Solutions: Interim CMO or Marketing VP



Depending upon client need, we sometimes fill an official role as their key Marketing Executive. This can range from an interim Vice President of Marketing for 60 or 90 days to an extended Chief Marketing Officer position lasting several months to a year or more.

Whether on an interim, acting or even half-time basis, we play an active part and completely assume the position to your internal team, and to your external customers, partners, media, analysts and board.

Our results in these roles include creating new analyst categories, planning and executing formal company launches, and re-positioning entire corporate and product messaging structures that transformed the client’s company and won them best of show and best startup awards.

We have held Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Marketing positions for a significant period of time with clients that include:

  • Echopass
  • Furious M
  • Media Publisher
  • nCircle
  • Seclarity
  • Webify Solutions

“In a consultant role, Bruce served for over half a year as our VP of Marketing at MPI. From day one, he got us focused on understanding what specific customer problems our technology was solving, and making sure that we reflected the right messages to our partners and prospects. Bruce was a great addition to our executive team, an he continues to add value and input to MPI as one of our strategic advisors.”

Rod Bacon
Former CEO, Media Publisher (QUMU)