Customer Insight Solutions: Metrics and TCO or ROI Studies 



Before making a buying decision, CIOs often want data-driven proof. This proof can be studies that have results in numbers or other metrics, two of which are most common. They are the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and the Return on Investment (ROI) studies.

We’ve had great success developing and validating both types of these studies, for some very complex technologies. This has entailed working with our client (and sometimes their partners) to recruit, select and negotiate with firms that specialize in these studies, help develop the right criteria to be measured, evaluate the meaningfulness among the collected data, interpret and translate the impact to our client and their readership, and edit countless rounds of draft until we were satisfied that the final study was good enough to satisfy the needs of our client and their prospects.

Beyond the studies themselves, we’ve also worked with our clients and their partners to take the TCO and ROI results and create joint sales tools, press releases and myriad slide decks, as well as posting the TCO and ROI executive summaries and quantifying tools on their websites – sometimes in multiple foreign currencies. Some of these studies were still being used years after they had been completed.

Clients we’ve worked with either directly or with their partners on TCO and ROI studies include:

  • Echopass with Genesys and numerous other partners
  • Lucent with Microsoft
  • Media Publisher with IBM and Cisco
  • White Pajama

“Tenth Dot Solutions did a superb job providing insight into both the business drivers and marketing aspects of an emerging technology white paper and ROI study that we collaborated on. Bruce’s balance of technical and marketing needs is top notch.”

Tim Siglin
Co-founder, Transitions, Inc.
Chairman, Braintrust Digital