Customer Insight Solutions: References and Testimonials 



Among the most important and useful “deliverables” from marketing is the credible customer reference. Almost nothing is more helpful to the sales team in improving or accelerating the sales cycle. Conversely, almost nothing can stall or, worse yet, cripple a sales cycle like an off-target, untimely or weak reference.

Given today’s resource limitations and other distractions to the marketing organizations, most internal customer reference programs are simply inadequate. Gathering “quality” references often falls off the plate, and marketing and sales end up at odds with one another. Without question, the better solution is to outsource the reference program.

We have developed a testimonial and customer credibility solution that creates an effective and sustainable reference program that can scale with increasing sales demand, void of the various problems that inherently limit the effectiveness of even the best internal reference programs. Our solution takes the “selling step” out of the reference process, ensures genuine customer satisfaction, and eliminates the need to repeatedly “call” on the references. We even handle the entire approvals process. The results are a program that sales teams can easily access and use targeted and timely references throughout the sales cycle, and prospects can view actual testimonials addressing their own specific pain points.

Our customer reference benefits are in the results we deliver:

  • Validated confirmation of customer value and business benefits
  • Written case studies or customer profiles
  • Customer testimonial video, edited to create the perfect credible and timely customer reference
  • A living library of available references, easily packaged or mixed and matched, for use as a sales tool to help accelerate your company’s sales cycle

Our reference program solution extends from established companies seeking general or vertically segmented references, to start-ups that need to look “larger,” loyalty and continuity programs, internal launches, education or training, partner or channel programs and user groups or customer events. We have developed customer reference solutions for virtually every client since we opened our doors in 1997. Please let us know how we can help you with references and where they may assist in your sales cycle and in what format. We cover all the bases.

“Whenever we have special projects in marketing, we look to Bruce and his team to augment our staff.  Over the years, every project I’ve engaged with Tenth Dot Solutions has come in on time and either on or under budget. And they’ve consistently done a great job of improving our customer satisfaction ratings.”

Paul Stich
CEO, Appthority
Former President and CEO, Counterpane Internet Security