Customer Insight Solutions: Strategy, Positioning, Messages and Brand 



We call our approach towards strategy and positioning the relentless pursuit of “why?” We’re usually presented with what our client thinks the problem is. We ask why, and we keep asking. We often find that the wrong problem is being solved.

In our experience, the solutions are often straightforward. The difficulty is determining the actual problem. Even if the answers we find validate the original set of assumptions, most clients (who are smart people) appreciate the benefits of having a fresh and unbiased assessment of their main strategic elements. This helps either confirm or determine crucial strategic issues for your business like:

  • Why your customers really bought
  • Why your message is believable or not
  • Why your branding or position are actually confusing rather than enlightening the market

Some may say, “Not us, we KNOW.” The truth is, many folks “in the know” would be surprised to see the difference between what their company believes about themselves and what their customers perceive about them. That perception gap can be disastrous.

Closing that gap is the thrust of our approach to aligning your strategies, messaging and brand with a reality that reflects your customer’s view. Both for today and tomorrow.

Here’s a 90 second video we developed as part of a rebranding project for Echopass, working together with Launchsquad for actual production. We were involved in every step of the process.

We’ve had the pleasure of performing strategy, positioning, and branding work for clients such as:

  • AristaSoft
  • Echopass
  • Genesys
  • IBM
  • Media Publisher
  • nCircle
  • Seclarity

“Bruce Dresser created and then ran our Advisory Board for two years. In parallel, he consistently brought new perspectives and ideas to me and the rest of the executive team. The meetings were high impact, executed flawlessly, and of huge value to our company. He pushed us into the core issues driving our business. Bruce brought out the best thinking from all of us.”

Lorenzo Martinelli
Former Executive Vice President, E2Open