Our clients range from leading Fortune 100 companies to smaller regional firms, start-ups, and a few companies that have since been merged into or been purchased by other organizations. They include: 

Most clients are within the technology sector, yet the solutions we provide solve the same types of problems being faced across a variety of business and consumer categories.

We’ve worked at all levels within our clients’ organizations — from CEOs and executives to department heads, service and support teams, sales personnel in the trenches and even programmers. In practically every client situation, we’ve been asked to remain involved beyond the scope of the original assignment.

During our engagements, we’ve spent time with clients and their customers throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom.

“Through the Advisory Board that Bruce ran for us, we were able to tap the ongoing strategic thinking of some top-level talent, and uncover a range of new opportunities for the business. Although this was originally a Marketing Advisory Board, they went much further and helped us focus on much broader business issues. Having Bruce at the helm and guiding the effort was a big asset for our company. We gained a lot of value.”

Drew Hoffman
Former CEO, GreenBorder and AristaSoft