Communications Solutions: Promotion 



We love good advertising. Not just the creative aspects, but also the campaign conception, the “hook” of the offer, the proper execution and the results. Still, we’ve talked more clients out of advertising than we’ve encouraged to advertise.

The same holds true for our view and appreciation of trade shows, corporate sponsorships and other promotions or events. Usually, we find that the proposed vehicle is either too expensive for our client’s budget, or deviates from their strategy and focus. Unless it’s too good to pass up, we don’t recommend “one off” opportunities.

When advertising or sponsorships are on strategy and part of a promotional plan, then we’re thrilled to work on them. We have developed a number of advertising and sponsorship programs that we knew were going to be winners, that our clients were proud of, and that became successful in the market.

We’ve written ad copy, worked on layout, created direct response incentives, negotiated stadium advertising, talked publishers and trade show organizers into better placement for our clients, and done most everything else in between. Having experience in all three areas, we know the client side, we know the advertiser side, and we know the agency side of the business. Our clients get the benefit of our having created, bought and sold advertising and event/sports sponsorships back when we had corporate careers.

We have worked on advertising and sponsorships with:

  • Major League Baseball – The Oakland A’s
  • World Cup Soccer – France 98
  • Bay Area Tennis – Sybase and Siebel Open
  • Avaya
  • Echopass
  • Lucent
  • Media Publisher
  • nCircle
  • Seclarity
  • Webify Solutions