We focus our consulting practice on areas that we’ve found most important to our clients. They represent client’s toughest problems, and our solutions either fix or eliminate their pain. In addition, these particular solution areas are often best addressed and best resolved from an independent, external vantage point.

One size does not fit all. As such, most all of our solutions range from individual “getting started” programs, to standardized solutions we’ve created, to complete custom designs. The approach depends upon the situation and can depend upon whether we’re working with the CEO, members of the Sales or Marketing teams or elsewhere within the organization.

Our main consulting practice areas and solutions include:

Customer Insight and Strategy Solutions — Understanding your customers and markets in their terms:

  • Corporate and Product Strategy and Positioning
  • Customer Research and Market Segmentation
  • Reference and Testimonial Credibility Programs
  • Metrics such as TCO and ROI Studies

Executive Level Leadership Solutions — Assisting executive teams to sharpen both strategies and tactics:

  • Advisory Board Creation and Management
  • Board Seats
  • Interim Executive Marketing Assignments

Communications Solutions — Working with marketing and sales to improve their effectiveness:

  • Sales Collateral
  • Website Design and Content
  • Advertising and Sponsorships

“Every once in a while you meet someone that’s a great listener, a brilliant thinker, and a great doer; Bruce Dresser is one of those special people. He takes on responsibility, gets difficult things done quickly and embraces your business issues as one of your executives. I would put him in any boat I was in, whether it is moving fast down stream or struggling against the tide.”

Vincent J. Deschamps
Former Chairman and CEO, Echopass Corporation
Former Vice President and General Manager, Lucent Technologies and Avaya