Customer Insight Solutions: Research and Market Segmentation



Similar to how we attack higher-level strategy and positioning in order to help clients communicate better with their customers, we take a similar approach toward the research studies we perform. For example, when the sales organization is having trouble closing (and not necessarily “losing”) deals, they wonder why, and then call us. Our research helps clients understand their customers better, and provides customer insights that often lay hidden.

Each research effort is client-specific in nature, depending upon their own objectives. Yet, each has a certain commonality, such as helping clients know how their customers felt about the sales cycle, the difference between how they were treated before compared with after the sale closed, their satisfaction level with the service provided, whom they might choose if faced to revisit their purchase and why, who else would be a good prospect, what their most pleasant surprise has been, as well as their biggest disappointment.

We ask tough questions. We interview both our clients’ customers and the clients themselves. We don’t ask in advance for only the “good” customers to interview. And we don’t sugar coat our findings, analysis and recommendations. We’ve used our research to help clients shape new market segments, abandon others, improve sales effectiveness, determine opportunities for strategic alliances, and even pinpoint product benefits that our clients weren’t aware of. Our clients and their customers both find value in the results, and through the research process we use, we’ve been able to turn many client customers – some with significant issues to overcome – into solid references.

We have performed research and segmentation projects for clients such as:

  • Addis
  • Counterpane
  • Echopass
  • IBM
  • Lucent
  • Personify
  • Project Arena

“Most of our employees saw our value primarily in terms of the features and functions of our software, rather than the customer problems our software was trying to solve.  Bruce spoke with our customers, and then helped us more effectively communicate our business value to the marketplace using the terminology preferred by our target audience. As a result of Tenth Dot Solutions’ work, we saw significant improvements in our sales results and effectiveness.”

Bill Pollak
Former Senior Vice President of Sales, PeopleSoft and Personify