Communications Solutions: Website Design and Content 

Browse, Click, Test, Analyze, Refine

With one mouse click, your company is available for viewing to the entire Internet-connected world. Today, more than ever, the first impression counts, and it better be good. Beyond this first impression and the look of your home page, quality needs to be maintained throughout the entire website.

For our website clients, we’re usually in the process of helping them evolve from who they used to be, into who they have (or want to) become. In order to be perceived as an Enterprise Software company, visitors to your website expect to see the quality of design and content that reflects Enterprise Software. Both components need to be addressed, and viewed as integrated with, not separate from, the other external or outbound elements of your marketing mix.

The scope of our work with client websites is pretty broad. We’ve implemented tracking metrics and analysis tools, improved user interfaces and site flow, integrated lead nurturing and social media applications, helped create microsites, and also done backend plumbing in pure HTML coding as well as programs like Dreamweaver, Drupal and WordPress.

We’ve rewritten entire website copy and added missing key content or search ingredients for some clients, and we’ve collaborated with designers to add graphics or update the overall look for others. We’ve had particularly good success working with digital design firm Marker Seven based in San Francisco, and highly recommend their work.

Among the clients we’ve worked with to improve their websites are:

  • Counterpane
  • Echopass
  • Furious M
  • Media Publisher
  • Mobile Support Inc.
  • Peak XV Networks
  • Seclarity

“Bruce Dresser understands the puzzle pieces, and what the puzzle is supposed to look like. He’s unflappable with a crisis or a deadline, and he understands how PR can work. I’ve seen Tenth Dot Solutions take a company from where they were to where they needed to be, and get them on the right radar screens in the shortest possible time. And with virtually no budget.”

Dan Chmielewski
Principal, Madison Alexander Public Relations